RISERVA NATURALE DELLA SCANUPPIAIncludes the pastures that surround Malga Imprech with the historic building of Malga Palazzo and the whole of the national forest Scanuppia.
The nature reserve is located on the Scanuppia Vigolana massif above the town of Besenello and occupies an area of 583 acres, from 1,450 m. near the Malga Palazzo at 2,132 m. Cima Vigolana.
It is the reserve of the grouse, grouse that seem to have found on the south side of the Vigolana, that overlooks the valley, its ideal habitat. The reserve is the occasional presence of the golden eagle. Even the deer are frequent visitors. The institution reserves in the area dates back to 1992. More than half of the area is covered by forests, spruce and fir, and beech trees at lower altitudes, later replaced with larch and mountain pine Finally, while the rest is divided between pasture and pasture.
Malga Palazzo, within the reserve, it is an impressive building built in 1589, a singular expression of fortified architecture of the mountain that was long owned by the Counts Trapp.