RODOLFO VALENTINOIn the town of Castellaneta Marina, in the province of Taranto, was born May 6, 1895 Rudolph Valentino, the first truly international movie star, not surprisingly there is a statue in the city that portrays him in the classic pose from the film “The Son of the Sheik “. When it comes to Rudolph Valentino refers to one of the greatest “sex symbol” male Hollywood has ever known, so much so that his name is a synonym of the term. Rudolph Valentino is the one for which millions of women around the world have longed for whole days, dreaming to spend at least some time in the company of this great seducer Latin. But his reputation as a lover of the screen is likely to be rather simplistic, for a man who was a real actor, with remarkable qualities of elegance and sensitivity. Today there are so many, especially the young people of recent generations, to know him only by reputation. But even among those who remember him, his images, thanks to the almost unavailability of its securities, have faded. Yet the cult and legend of the immigrant Rodolfo Guglielmi, non-agricultural expert who was born poor in southern Italy, landed in America in 1915 in search of fortune, are entered with force in the history of film stardom. His was a bleak life from the beginning: after spending some time sleeping on benches in Central Park in New York, gets hired as a dishwasher in a night club, and thanks to his prowess and his skills as a dancer, also begins to make the companion of elderly ladies townspeople. When one of these for him to kill her husband, Valentino, frightened, runs away and enlisted in the province as a dancer in the troupe of Al Jolson. Here he was noticed by an actor who recommends it to Hollywood. The dashing Rudolph Valentino (the name is now taken as a pseudonym by the young Guglielmi) debuted on screen in 1919, and for some years only interpret roles from “rogue” Latin, until, in 1921, he was noticed by a talent scout named June Mathis, who proposes to Metro Goldwyn Mayer to make the protagonist of the adventure genre film, “the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921) by Rex Ingram, which will remain memorable scene in which Valentine dancing with grace and sensuality an exciting tango.
Despite the success obtained by the plaintiff in this film, the firm will employ him as a supporting actor in films after only minor, even denying them a decent salary. This will engage him until Paramount, offering him a lucrative contract, as the protagonist of “The Sheik” (The Sheik, 1922) by George Melford, a film mixture of adventure and feeling, where Rudolph Valentino, in an ambiguous role as seductive Arab sheik, ignites the screen thanks to his magnetism and his disturbing Mediterranean charm. From this film will become the prototype of the lover Rudolph Valentino foreign bearer of dark glamor, hair all slick, eye and predatory strategy in the name of sexual passivity. In a short span of time thus becomes the first star literally invented fantasies of women. Meanwhile, the actor, after an unhappy marriage even consummated with the lesbian actress Jean Acker, tormented as he began a passionate love affair with the sophisticated and charming designer Natacha Rambova, who wants to turn it into a fine actor by the enormous artistic sense the opposite, in fact, the Rudolph Valentino virile and sensual female audiences amava.Nel few years will be the seducer seduced in “Blood and Sand” (Blood and Sand, 1922) by Fred Niblo, and a “Robin Hood” steppe in “The black Eagle” (the Eagle, 1925) by Clarence Brown; Finally, it can be seen in the dual role of the young sheikh and his father in “The Son of the Sheik” (The Son of the Sheik, 1926) by George Fitzmaurice, shot when the Rambova (which in the meantime had become his wife) had left him and the body began to show signs of slowing down. Rudolph Valentino would be dead before the screening of this movie, August 23, 1926, due to peritonitis, only thirty-one years. (Http://