Aurelio and Triumphant, two neighborhoods in the west are ready to accommodate you. The District Aurelio although it is in a good location, a few steps from the Vatican, the Aurelio district is a suburban area for many Romans, alien to the hustle and bustle. Here live mainly young families and elegant professionals, many of whom commute. In this quiet neighborhood during the day you can go shopping or enjoy the traditional Roman cuisine; in the evening you can relax strolling among its quiet streets or drinking a drink in one of the many bars. The Triumphal District is part of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth district of Rome and is located west of the city. It is the fourteenth district built in the capital city and is bordered by the suburbs north Della Vittoria, with Della Vittoria neighborhood to the east, with the territory of Vatican City to the south-east, and south with the district Aurelioa Primavalle with the neighborhood to the west.