SANTA MARIA DI LEUCASanta Maria di Leuca is the extreme tip of the heel of Italy, between Punta and Punta Ristora Meliso. It ‘also known as Finibus Terrae, as in ancient times was considered the end of the earth, his patron was the Goddess Minerva, from the time when Christianity became the Virgin Mary, was built in his honor is an important shrine. For its beauty in the past was called by the name of Leukos, or the city illuminated by the Sun Very impressive is the monumental lighthouse marine, built in 1864 and recently restored, 47 meters high, in the vicinity you can enjoy a spectacular view where the gaze is lost in the infinity of the many colors that assumes the sea. On clear days it is easy to see the mountains of Calabria, Albania and Corfu. To see the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria de Finibus Terrae built in 1755, the Church of Christ the King and the famous Sanctuary with the Column (1694), which commemorates the visit of St. Peter in the town, since Lila has become a major center for Christianity and over the centuries has been visited by three Popes: in 343 by Pope Julius I to the consecration of the Sanctuary, in 710 by Pope Constantine and more recently, on June 14, 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI. To admire the staircase of 284 steps where we find the spectacular waterfall Monumental owned dell’EAAP (Autonomous Body Apulian Aqueduct) and the monolithic Roman column. Around the waterfront you can see the beautiful villas in Arabian style and greek-roman. Do not miss a boat trip to contemplate the 14 caves that dot the entire coastline, certainly the most impressive of Salento, due to a succession of impressive rocky cliffs overlooking the sea alternating with coves of white sand and water from the green and blue at the point where the two seas meet.