SCAPOLI, LA PATRIA DELLE ZAMPOGNEAlmost certainly the name of this town comes from “scopulus” which means rock or rock, or from “Scapulae”, which corresponds instead to the foot, the slope of a mountain. Its location allows that both terms can be accepted to explain the name. From its origins until the eleventh century, singles followed the same events at the nearby Cerro al Volturno. It was in this period ecclesiastical fief, belonging to the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno; during the rule of the Filangieri, children assaulted by Borrello several castles, including that of singles, and seized it. Valuable documentary source of reference to learn about the historical events of the country is the “Chronicon Vulturnense” illuminated manuscript created by a monaco after 1100. In the text it is stated that in the eighth century, the site of today’s singles was covered by a rich vegetation and that only since the middle of the ninth century saw the establishment of the Castrum Scappili, through the colonization of the lands that belonged to the ancient abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno.Il old core of the medieval town still has an urban fabric of considerable interest , whose outstanding feature is without doubt the Marquis Palace of Battiloro.
The building stands on a rock outcropping that formed the foundations of the castle of singles, later transformed into abitazione.All ‘interior of the building you can see a staircase that led to the basement, and a large stone fireplace, located in the premises of the kitchens. Other urban element of particular interest is the Camino Ronda, scenic walk that follows the 360 ° profile of the cliff on which stands the village of singles.