SILVANA MANGANO“An Egyptian sculpture”, “a woman ineffable”, “a mysterious character that no one will ever fully understand.” So describe Silvana Mangano, one of the greatest Italian actresses, some of the artists who have met on their way professionale.Figlia of a railway and a Sicilian housewife English, Silvana young age he began to work as a model for fashion houses in France first and then in Italy. Take part in the 1947 edition of Miss Italy, with a particularly cinematic Lollobrigida, Eleonora Rossi Drago and Lucia Bosé vinse.Dopo that some small parts Silvana arrives for the role that made her famous all over the world, Beppe De Riso amaro Santis. After trying to join the cast three times, was chosen by director when he meets her on the street in the rain. The dramatic masterpiece of the master of neo-realism about a group of pickers including hides the accomplice of a jewel thief will consecrate as a sex symbol of the postwar period (those short pants and socks to go dark in paddy stand out on the poster). On the set of the film De Santis knows her future husband, Dino De Laurentiis.Dopo have rejected proposals to move to Hollywood turns ‘The wolf Sila’ with Gassman. At just 19 years old, July 17, 1949, married Dino De Laurentiis with whom he had four children. Their report will help the careers of both, in the first instance will be the size of even international diva her to help the business of fifties marito.Negli Mangano does everything to break free from the sexy created by the film De Santis choosing more complex roles as a dancer who becomes a nun in the film by Alberto Lattuada Anna; the whore of L’oro di Napoli by Vittorio De Sica (Silver Ribbon) and that of Mario Monicelli’s The Great War (which is measured by the tone of the play alongside his friend Vittorio Gassman). The film is presented in Venice (where he won the Golden Lion award ex aequo with ‘The General della Rovere’ Rossellini), Silvana arrives at the Lido to present him with his head shaved, a great choice to play the role of a girl during Yugoslav employment Italo-German ‘Jovanka and other’. Ne Judgement De Sica (1961) became friends with Alberto Sordi, which will create a deep and intense relationship that will lead them to work together in many movies (including My lady, I’m sorry she is for or against? scopone science and Lo). The second silver ribbon and a David di Donatello come with the process of Verona Carlo Lizzani that lends his face to Edda Ciano, while from ’67 with Oedipus the King Mangano began an intense collaboration with Pierpaolo Pasolini.Sarà the director of ‘street children’ and the master Visconti to score the second of his career; Pasolini who did not like the actors but he was crazy about her turns an episode of The Witches (according to David), Theorem and The Decameron. With Visconti turns instead an episode of ‘The Witches’ (film five stories of which she is the absolute protagonist), Death in Venice (another Silver Ribbon for Best Supporting Actress), and Ludwig Family group in an interior with Burt Lancaster and Helmut Berger.Segue few year off and rest, but he is suffering from depression for years gets worse: July 15, 1981 in fact, his son, Frederick, died at twenty-six years of Alaska, for a plane crash during the execution of an documentary about salmon. The drama casts Silvana in despair and undermines marriage with De Laurentiis (who over the years had experienced several periods of removal). He moved to live in Paris and Madrid with her daughter Francesca, where it produces tapestries and where she discovered she had a tumor in the stomaco.Nel 1987, sensing his approaching death, participates in his latest film, the masterpiece OIC ciorne Nikita Mikhalkov, where working with his friend Marcello Mastroianni and is reconciled with her husband. Two years later, December 16, 1898 at only 59 years old, died in Madrid.