SIRACUSAIn the setting of a picturesque natural harbor, close to the east of the island of Ortigia – the oldest urban center – and behind the plateau Epipolae, is Syracuse. Ancient Greek colony called Syracusa by Archie of Corinth in 733. C., was one of the cities, like Athens and Alexandria, enjoyed a period of great cultural and political fortunes.
Considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Ancient Greece, retains traces of its glorious past in every corner of the city. The cathedral, with its Baroque façade, stands on the Peristyle of the Doric temple of Athena of the century. V BC; in the square Pancali the temple of Apollo with the remains of the Doric sanctuary of the beginning of the century. VI. C.; Neapolis in the district of the remains of the greek theater and the Roman amphitheater and the great altar of Hiero, and in the same area, the cave Cordari, the most famous among the quarries. Examples of the archaeological wealth of Syracuse, to which must be added to the splendor of the baroque buildings.