The Caldonazzo lake is the largest of the lakes that lie entirely in Trentino, and the most famous. The lake lies on the great plain of the same name dotted with orchards and small villages typical of Trentino. Until two centuries ago, the stretch of water was even wider: the size of the lake was likely to reach the city of Pergine, but later the remediation of many surrounding marshes caused a reduction of the surface up to its current size. Thanks to the presence of many services, it will be very easy to try water sports such as canoes, pedalos or (in appropriate periods), even the same water skiing. If you wish instead to take advantage of a break from the water, the beautiful bike path that runs alongside the lake and extends for about 10 km towards Pergine makes you want to take your mountain biking, jogging or perhaps to just a stroll. Lavarone lake is a pearl of nature, nestled in the countryside. Around its shores and in its hotels, is the appointment during the Belle Epoque the beautiful Viennese aristocracy. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, he chose the beautiful lake and lavaronese for long periods of rest and study. In winter, the frozen surface of the lake is home to the Stage diving under the ice, immersion tests performed by specialized groups of rescue.