SULMONA E LE SUE LEGGENDEInteresting some of the most famous legends of the area tied for most in Ovid, the most illustrious son of Sulmona. One of them says that the poet was madly in love with a beautiful girl who had a heart as cold as ice and hard as a diamond. Failing to win, he let live in hope that one day, in one way or another, the body would at first sight. So it was that left the family home and took refuge in the forest where Angizia, studying day and night, he learned the arts of magic. She could finally win the girl. To provide you with valuable gifts began to use his spells abbindolando the honest inhabitants of the valley. Therefore amassed great wealth, terrorizing and abusing the local population. The king, angry and irritated by this, relegated him to a distant country, where loneliness and poverty brought him back to take the right path.
Another famous story linked in Sulmona, concerns San Panfilo, the protector of the city. The popular legend says that as a child he was at odds with his father: he had converted to Christianity while his father was a pagan. The attitude of the child obviously irritated the old parent that one day, in a fit of madness, he conceived a project bloodthirsty. Panfilo ordered to climb on a wagon and started off by Pacile up the valley of the river Gizio. At this point, the mountain was very steep and the boy would precipitate with the wagon. Instead, with the help of the angels, miraculously the hoofs of oxen and wagon wheels sank into the rock, so that he could get off Panfilo slowly downstream. On the sides of the mountain, it is said, even today you can see the footsteps of the ox and the grooves produced by the passage of the wagon.