TARVISIOTarvisio is one of the most important ski centers and mountain resorts in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Surrounded by the Julian Alps and plenty of wide valleys and forests – the Tarvisio Forest, with its 24,000 hectares, is the largest state forest in Italy – the town has a modern look but also an old soul, full of all traditions to discover.

Thanks to its location on the border, is a crossroads of cultures and languages where they meet Italy, Slovenia and Austria. The excellent cuisine includes specialties from Friuli, Carinthia and Slovenia.

Tarvisio is also the destination of many pilgrims because of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lussari, a place where tradition has it occurred an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The Tarvisio offers to those who love outdoor activities, a rich range of proposals. Absolutely to visit near Tarvisio, lakes Fusine (joined together by a fascinating journey), the Plateau Montasio and Sella Nevea ski pole.