TORINO MAGICAAccording to the most-watched school of esotericism, Turin is a city “frontier”: the one that is part of both the white magic triangle (Turin-Lyon-Prague) than that of black magic (Turin-London-San Francisco ). Halfway between sulfur and incense. In Turin Nostradamus lived in Cascina Morozzo Pellerina, now destroyed, “ici il ya le paradis, l’enfer, the purgatoire,” says the tombstone of 1556 belonged to him and just found some time ago. Turin, the three states of the afterlife together. Something inexplicable has attracted over time in Turin’s elite occultism, Paracelsus by Cagliostro, the Count of Saint Germain to Fulcanelli. It is said that “those who know” come to Turin to pay homage to the “Grand Old Man”, the knower of all secrets, that dimorerebbe in a sort of medieval fortification in the hills. Of course, “those who know” does not speak. Yet anyone visiting the hill of Turin may notice something funereal in the air, a sort of melancholy atmosphere: there are graves at the foot of the hill (the Great Mother), tombs on top of the Hill (Superga), plaques of deceased every tree of the Memorial Park is dedicated to the deceased and the lighthouse of La Maddalena. “City unique in this: its highest point, every time I go down the darkness, illuminates a sign of joy, or at least confidence, but an announcement of memento mori” (Vittorio Messori). According to the esoteric the city of Turin is suspended between the Forces of Good and those of Evil: his heart is white behind Piazza Castello (the fountain of the Tritons), the port of Infinity in Piazza Solferino (the fountain Angelica), its black square in the heart Statute: legend has it that here lies hidden the gate to Hell.