Unknown until a few decades ago, Ogliastra, is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Anyone who comes cannot help but be fascinated. The landscape is divided between white, sandy beaches, clear water, and cliffs overhanging the sea, woods and dry desert plains. What Ogliastra is a wild and unspoiled landscape, the pride of its inhabitants, the object of desire for the tourists? It ‘a borderland between two worlds: that of the agricultural south and the pastoral center of Sardinia, as well as land which concentrates all the many faces of the island of Sardinia: culture, traditions, nature and history. Throughout history, this region has suffered isolation and limited economic development: in fact, the economy ogliastrina is still based largely on farming and livestock production as well as on important wine and cheese. The natural beauty, however, have allowed the development of the tourist industry, which has started to build not only the beautiful coastal area but also, equally beautiful and yet unknown hinterland.