Totò partenopeo e parte napoletano. Toto' e la poesiaAntonio De Curtis was born in Naples February 15, 1898 and since little is affectionately called Toto. His mother, Anna Clemente, is a single mother and this is recorded to the registry as Antonio Clemente, son of NNLa condition of “son of nobody” has always created the complex, which is why it is outlined in him a desire of clear and noble ancestry. This desire has materialized later with a sort of acquisition of noble titles through its adoption as an adult, behind compenso.Solo Antonio in 1921 will be recognized as a De Curtis, after the marriage of his mother with Giuseppe De Curtis.Durante the difficult youth , a handful provokes a considerable deviation of the nasal septum also determining the partial atrophy which will be manifested in its typical asymmetry facciale.Sin as a child, in Toto is alive the passion for theater and the comic characters in particular. From the familiar to the stage performances is a short step: already 15 years old he made his debut in one of the many theaters in Naples under the pseudonym Clerment.Durante the First World War, Toto and stupidity knows the hardships of life in the barracks and since then arises in his aversion to the so-called “foremen,” people without art or part, by the strength of their position, they try to impose on meanly altri.Nel 1918 he returned to Naples and began acting in small theater with a repertoire of imitations . After 4 years, a fiasco led him to leave his hometown and moved to Rome, where he became famous playing the disjointed puppet that will later be revived by him in films. Here comes the character Toto, with the typical bowler hat worn tight and too wide, always struggling with poverty and its worst: the fame.Con success came the women, many. The link with Liliana Castagnola resolves even tragically, with which she takes her own life after an argument, leaving Toto very shaken and then the young bride addolorato.Nel 1932 Diana Rogliani whom he called his daughter that their marriage is annulled Liliana.Il Already in 1940, but the couple stays together in appearance until 1950, for the sake of figlia.Quando ex-wife finally leaves him for another man, Toto wrote cast his masterpiece “Malafemmina.” Meanwhile, over the years also increases the success of Toto, with theater and film productions. In the ’50s broke a real Toto-mania. In 1952, thanks to a newspaper knows Faldini Franca, his partner of 33 years younger with whom he lived until morte.Di success to success, Toto worked with the greatest actors of the period: Eduardo De Filippo, Peppino, Aldo Fabrizi Vittorio Gassman, Ugo Tognazzi, Walter Chiari, Alberto Sordi, Vittorio De Sica, Vianello, Fernandel, Macario, Mastroianni, Nino Manfredi and many others. Finally, the important meeting with director Pier Paolo Pasolini allows him to be discovered by the public as an actor of great sensitivity and intelligence, in roles that embody a great capacity for sarcasm intersected with moments of deep commozione.Problemi with the tax authorities forced him to work continuously and without posing, also almost blind due to a viral disease. Overwork and a life far from healthy and characterized by a hundred cigarettes a day interspersed with dozens of cafes, give him the coup de grace: Toto died in Rome April 15, 1967 after three heart attacks consecutivi.Il funeral Naples to see a city to its knees, over two hundred thousand people will give their salute to this artist who was undoubtedly the greatest Italian comedian of all time.(http://www.totò.com)