TRA ARTIGIANATO E TRADIZIONE, IL PRESEPIOThe symbols of the Neapolitan tradition brought to life by the hands of local craftsmen and artists, who with grace and skill working for many generations ceramics, famous for the production of the nativity of San Gregorio Armeno. The artisans of the crib are gathered in the street named San Gregorio Armeno, famous throughout the world for countless workshops dedicated to the art of crib. Here you can find everything for the crib: the houses made of cork or cardboard in various sizes, to objects “mechanical” powered by electricity like windmills or waterfalls, by the shepherds terracotta figurines painted by hand to those high 30 cm with fabric clothes made to measure. But alongside true works of art, the work of artisan families that are handed down the craft from generations, are nothing short of projections kitsch, but denote the imagination and the irony of the Neapolitans: the caricature of the political or the VIP of the moment is now become one of the classics on bancaralle Via San Gregorio Armeno. The shops mainly offer all the material required to build or to expand their crib. The street and shops can be visited throughout the year and the visitor is thus brought back each time to the magical Christmas atmosphere. (