Since ancient times the waterway was preferred by humans; river transport was considered convenient and safe than the roads often impassable due to rain, frost or brigandage. The Brenta is a river that flows out of Lake Caldonazzo and down along the Valsugana to Bassano, where begins its course in the plains, reaching the area north of Padua; here is divided. One branch goes straight to the lagoon south of Venice, while another branch, artificial canal dug by the Venetians, the famous and ancient Brenta Canal, Noventa Padovana diverts to Stra, Dolo, Mira reached Fusina and then Venice. Noventa Paduan was the ancient river port of Padua on the Brenta; here, a time, stopping the boats and passenger and cargo reached Padua wagons and carriages. Then in 1209 came the cut is complete Piovego Channel, 10 km long, from Padua to Stra, which conveys the waters of the Brenta from Padua Bacchiglione, directly connecting the Brenta Canal at Padua and then to Venice.