The Parco del Monte Cucco includes the territory of the Region of Umbria place on the north-east, bounded by the ridge of the Apennines on which stands the Cucco (1,566 meters), the historic route of the Via Flaminia, rivers and Sentinum Chiasco.
And ‘the Park of groundwater and mineral sources, the pristine waterways, the large beech forests intact, karst caves inviolable from attending mass. And ‘Park where they live wolves and golden eagles. And ‘Park characterized by minor historical centers but rich in cultural and artistic activities; numerous and beautiful hermitages.
Città di Castello, on the other hand, placed on a slight hill, between the green rolling hills and charming, is the most important and populated the Upper Tiber Valley. Custodian of a valuable historical, religious and artistic, is still considered a small town greatly significant for the suggestiveness of the oldest monuments, the presence of a lively Renaissance civilization and for the quality of many events, national in scope, annually attract thousands of visitors. Funny moments and folk music, craft shows and agricultural interesting, cheerful festivals and major sporting events come alive and periodically characterize vividly the life of this beautiful Umbrian reality.