LA CARNIAAt the border with Austria and Veneto, opens a large “village” with seven valleys that run through the magical Carnic Alps. Valleys that have kept intact a colorful folkloric universe and nature always the protagonist.

Perceive time differently, regaining possession of the rhythms of nature. Stroll through picturesque villages, leaving intoxicated by smells, sounds and voices. Discovering the secrets of everyday rituals linked to agricultural and crafts. It amazed of the beauty of genuine wood and stone houses. Where you can also stay, thanks to the hotel widespread, that in Carnia embellishes different countries.

From Park Hills Carnic with sweet tracks for walking, riding and mountain biking, the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park, where hiking and climbing in the majestic peaks. And see deer and marmots. The joy of discovery is not never end, waterfalls, canyons and high altitude lakes.
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Along the Way Malghe and the paths of the first line of the Great War. Then reach camps and shelters, many throughout the Carnia. In the winter with skis on your feet, in the ski centers of Ravascletto-Zoncolan, Forni di Sopra and Sauris. All year long, then, the Baths of Arta offer sweet moments regenerating.

From weaving to pottery, stone, iron and wood, which is the event september Magic wood Sutrio one of the most prestigious showcases. The craftsmen in Carnia guard wisdom handed down from generation to generation. The development of precious artefacts.

Walking through the woods, you see funny and mischievous goblins. The sbilfs, as they call them here. And at night to see flaming wheels that glide down the slopes secluded: las are cidulas, with which the young state the name of your loved one. Or meet the strange creatures that inhabit the carnival Sauris the oldest traditions of the Alps that are lost in the mists of time.