UNIVERSITA DI PAVIAThe University of Pavia is one of the oldest and most important Italian and European universities, part of the Coimbra Group. In particular, its Faculty of Medicine, Political Science and Law enjoy a special prestige in Europe for their pioneering research and their centuries-old tradition that has seen many illustrious alumni. As early as the year 825 Pavia was the site of an important school of rhetoric established by Emperor Lothair I, However, it is only thanks to the Emperor Charles IV in 1361, which was founded in Pavia a Studium Generale, which Pope Boniface IX recognized the same rights as the University of Bologna and Paris. With imperial diploma dated 1485 the Studium Generale was then transformed into universities. The University of Pavia has an exceptional cultural patrimony accumulated and stored in the course of its long history. Important collections of historical and scientific interest, unique in their kind: they are in fact made up of pieces acquired randomly, but increased over time, in parallel with the development of teaching and scientific research in their respective fields.