LA MODASpeaking of villas, one of the residences is undoubtedly the most charming Villa saws Panichi, we advise you to discover this wonderful web site (
The ancient building of Piattoni and the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Chiarini dating from the late 600 worth visiting.
In the city center we cannot mention the Church of Santa Maria in Mignano, an example of Renaissance architecture albeit with a neoclassical facade, and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Angels, which houses a beautiful fresco of the Madonna and Child, while among the other villas we have to mention villa Lazzari, Silvestri and Sgariglia.
In the hilly area of Piattoni is the Archaeological Museum with many exhibits in the area. Along the way salaria are still ancient stones, including a Roman cistern. Castel di Lama is also the area of farms and food and wine products, such as the Company Panichi that produces wine from the 800 in a land that offers the best local wines from Passerina Pecorino, through the Rosso Piceno Superiore and the ‘Red Offida. In August, Castel blade, the Feast of Local Cross-Villa Forcella gives life to the traditional race of Ruzzola, an itinerant game with wooden wheels, a symbol of tradition handed down from the late nineteenth century.