VIPITENOA city unforgettable colors, a cobalt sky, the green of the valley Eisack combine beautifully with the reds and yellows of the houses. New Town Street is the main street of Sterzing; flank the halls of Nordic-style buckets. XV-XVII, softened by flowering balconies and colorful signs in wrought iron. The late-Gothic Town Hall preserves, topped by the beautiful courtyard loggia, a bas-relief of the god Mithras of the century. III d. C., the most important Roman finds in South Tyrol; while Tower City that dates back to 1468 it was rebuilt after a fire in 800. In the Museum “Multscher” are preserved 4 doors (with 8 boards) relating to scenes from the life of Mary and the Passion of Christ, painted by H. Multscher (1458) and coming from the high altar of the parish church.